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By teaming up with us, we commit to listing your long or short stay serviced apartment or aparthotel on our user-friendly and innovative online platform for a first-rate guest service. At ApartmentsOnline, our sole focus is to assist you feature your property and optimize visibility ensuring an expanding network of corporate and frequent travellers and guaranteed payments. Utilize our expertise in bookings of any length and start hosting new guests effortlessly.

How it works

We create your listings

Our dedicated account manager teams in UK, China and Cyprus Offices will be happy to build and upload your listings upon collecting all your corporate housing details and images.


Our clients are business travellers with increasing global assignments who value properties which can make the difference in their frequent travels rather than just offering a place to stay. No matter whether our guests book a property for a short business trip or a medium to long-term stay, our mission is to create a perfect stay setting the scene of a splendid homeplace will all modern amenities they deserve.

With a full understanding of the global market needs, our goal is to provide optimal accommodations for each of our clients taking into account their individual needs and build long-term relationships with them. We have designed our product with the most appealing features and cutting-edge technology to source and offer multiple housing options in key locations whilst delivering exceptional support for all enquiries and saving considerable amount of time.

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Hassle-free online payments

You can relax as we have made online payments secure and timely. We guarantee collecting them for you at no charge.

We are in charge of the entire booking process

Work alongside a community of professionals dedicated to accommodating your specific requirements in order to develop client-led solutions and offer you peace of mind to accept your booking requests.

We build bridges between you and your next guest

We believe in the importance of getting to know your next guests before their arrival. That is why we will ensure you are aware of any relevant details in advance.


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